How We’re Running This Game

Ask Again Later is a LARP envisioned primarily as a collaborative storytelling experience. While the rules and mechanics will always feel present and provide a backbone for the game, the best way to think about the game is “a series of scenes that create a cohesive narrative when viewed at a distance.” This does not mean that the STs will be steering players into pre-defined scenes, without letting them engage in the world of Oshtigwanegon as they wish. What it does mean is that we expect players to not actively try to reshape the tone of the game into something unrecognizable. It also means that players may not be able to pursue certain objectives, because they go outside the scope of this game. For example, one of the aspects of this setting is that characters exist in a remote town that may not have all the amenities that the players may be used to, living in or near a major city. A player who wishes to travel to the nearest big city during game will not be able to do so and still take part in game, as it would take too long, or the cost of gas would be prohibitive, or the character would not have access to a car, etc. This is not intended to create unnecessary obstacles for players who are pursuing their goals, but to establish a specific feel of the world that these characters inhabit.

This game is also intended to follow the model of a TV series—every three to four games comprise a unit of the larger game, just like a TV series contains multiple seasons. While plot will carry over between seasons, each season will also have its own themes and stories to tell. Logistically, games within a season will run every other Saturday, with a longer break between seasons.