Summary of Season Two

The following is a summary of publicly-known events that occurred during Season Two of Ask Again later. All characters present in game are aware of all of these events.

  • Dynamo Deliverables, the contracting company that runs the nearby dam, decided to get involved in town affairs by promoting the establishment of a GSA at the high school, much to the rest of the town’s alarm.
  • Higher Aspirations, a charter school company, announced plans to contract Dynamo Deliverables to build one of their schools in Oshtigwanegon, which elicited a negative reaction—both from townspeople resistant to change and big city ideals, and educators worried about union-breaking.
  • Rumors of a large sinkhole in the woods started going around, but apparently the fire department is totally on top of that. Strange animals seem to appear around it, seemingly made of fire or moving rock. Tragically, three firefighters died on the night of Halloween, apparently from maulings from these strange beasts.
  • A guard from Dynamo Deliverables was killed at the dam; he looked like he’d been attacked by an animal and then left in the river. The case is still under investigation.
  • The town’s Pumpkinfest and Gedächtnisfeuer festival was nearly ruined by a sudden extreme rainstorm, but thankfully everyone banded together to make the pumpkin-lighting work at the end of the night. Strangely, though, a number of people reported hearing weird voices and seeing strange things during the ceremonial bonfire.
  • A town meeting was held to discuss the town’s concerns on a variety of issues. During the meeting, it was brought up that a lot of weird things had happened in town–including the trees and vines that attacked the town last July–and young Juniper James suggested putting together a group to discuss them and create action plans.
  • Old Man Hillstrom got drunk on Halloween, jumped the fence at the dam and punched a guard before getting thrown in the drunk tank at the jail.
  • The unexpected arrival of Old Man Usher’s niece Penelope was overshadowed by Usher’s strange behavior and indications that he was older than people remembered, yet tougher than he seemed.
  • Several people found some strange weeds that started growing above a collapsed mine tunnel, and early investigations suggested that this occurrence relates to a disturbance in the old mine.
  • Doctor James Wight’s veterinary clinic was broken into, and his receptionist assaulted, while Dr. Wight was away at the town meeting on Halloween. One of the animals, as well as a number of medical samples and supplies, were stolen in what appeared to be an organized operation. The crime and its motivations are the subject of an ongoing investigation.
  • While hiking in the woods, three representatives from Higher Aspirations—Randall Stickney, Alexis Peterson, and Eloise Xia—and local fixture Louise Heinz were brutally attacked by an unknown assailant. Mrs. Heinz was badly injured and only located in time due to the heroic efforts of Ms. Xia. Tragically, Peterson and Stickney remain missing and are presumed dead. The incident is still under investigation.
  • Higher Aspirations recently canceled its building contracts in Oshtigwanegon, and it seems the charter school project is on hold at best.