Ask Again Later is an independent LARP by Head Storyteller Carly Ho and Storytellers Korey Enright, Degen Gottlieb, Isa Janusz, Adira Slattery, and Fen Slattery.

Games will be every two weeks in seasons of three to four games, with a longer “season” break of about two months before the next set of games. We intend to run about three seasons per year. We’re committed to running this game for at least a year (about 10-12 games) with the opportunity to renew for further seasons, if there’s interest.

We intend the game to consist of about 25-30 players. Over time, we may allow additional characters, or room for players to rotate in and out, but initially we are capping the playerbase at 30. There may be calls for guest players to come as NPCs from time to time.

Ask Again Later uses a homebrew system of mechanics inspired by the Storyteller System.

While the setting will provide many things for the player characters to struggle against, we have also planned for a significant amount of character vs. character conflict. Stakes for characters in this game can range from being disgraced at the cake-baking competition to death and worse. We expect both social and physical conflict between characters to take place during this chronicle, and view it as important part of our game. Characters can and will die, though the storytellers will do our best to make events that take characters out of play meaningful and satisfying.

If some conflict does render a character unplayable, players will have the opportunity to come in as a new character. In our setting, though, death does not necessarily mean that a character is unplayable…