A Midwestern Gothic LARP

News: Information about Season Three is now available!

Ask Again Later is a Midwestern Gothic live-action roleplaying (LARP) game about the unusual everyday lives of people in a small midwestern town in the fictional state of Winnemac, where nothing and no one are as they seem. This game is an independent LARP run in Chicago and uses a homebrew mechanics system based on the Storyteller system by Onyx Path. Season One began in June 2017, with a second season starting in September 2017, see our game logistics and important dates for more information.

The town of Oshtigwanegon, WC is nestled in an isolated corner of the rural Midwest. In a town this small, it doesn’t pay to stick out — so its residents have learned to guard their secrets closely. If you work hard and follow the rules, no one will find out who you’ve been dating in secret. Or what you buried under the old oak tree on the full moon. Or what terrible bargain you made to protect your children. Or what you saw in the woods, and what you promised it to let you leave in peace. Or who you really are.

If you find your place in Oshtigwanegon, you’ll feel right at home. But things have been hard in Oshtigwanegon for decades. Once-great factories and business have shuttered their doors, and the population is aging. The Great Recession hit hard in this blue collar town, and everyone knows someone who lost their home. Something’s finally going to have to change. Change isn’t always for the better, though — and has a nasty habit of dredging up what you would rather stay buried.