Who This Game Is For

Ask Again Later is a game built around a specific tone and set of themes. That said, the STs want to make sure that everyone who plays in this game will enjoy working within the world of Oshtigwanegon. The game is meant for the following types of players; if this sounds like you, we would love to have your submission—

  • Players who will embrace the small-town rural setting, and will build characters who fit into the world that the STs and players work to create collaboratively. This does not mean your character cannot challenge the status quo, but be mindful of the fact that your character’s means and methods must arise from within the in-game world.
  • Players who will allow their characters to struggle, to fail, and to encounter obstacles they cannot overcome. The world of this game is in some ways vast, but in other ways quite limited–life in Oshtigwanegon is often about subsisting, not thriving.
  • Players who are interested in encountering mysteries—and who accept that they may not always get the answers they seek.
  • Players who want to embrace moral ambiguity and play a nuanced character.
  • Players who are comfortable playing in a game meant to elicit emotional responses from its characters, occasionally (and with the players’ consent where needed) through touching on difficult topics germane to the small-town Midwestern setting.
  • Players who respect their fellow players and their STs.
  • Players who, whether it be the Midwestern gothic setting, the supernatural themes, the rules and mechanics, or whatever else interests them, find something about this game that makes it enjoyable for them, and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Players who, regardless of how often they’re able to attend games or how much previous LARP experience they have, show up ready to immerse themselves in their characters’ perspectives and work with the STs and other players to create a collaborative narrative.