Game Logistics

Ask Again Later is intended to be a multi-year LARP comprised of three-game “seasons” in the manner of a TV series, with three to four “seasons” per year. Games will run on Saturdays every other week, with longer breaks between seasons. The dates for Season Two are below:

  • January 27, 2018, 1pm-5pm
  • February 17, 2018, 1pm-5pm
  • March 10, 2018, 1pm-5pm

Games will take place in the basement of Unity Lutheran Church, at 1212 W Balmoral Ave. (just off Berwyn on the Red Line.) Game fees will be $10 per game, which can be paid before each game or season. We also accept donations from players wishing to cover those who are unable to pay, and will work to accommodate players who need assistance on a case-by-case basis. Players may pay for several games in advance and may pay in cash or via electronic methods such as Venmo and Paypal.

Before you play in Ask Again Later, you must submit a character to the STs and have it approved. This game is intended to have between 25-30 players initially, and expands between seasons. Prospective players must message the STs to set up a one-on-one or small meeting with the storyteller team. The STs will contact players about approvals after character submission has closed, and will work with players if changes are needed throughout the process. The next step after getting your character approved will be to work with the ST team and other players to create character connections with other people in town. What the STs are looking for in character submissions for this game is characters that will draw upon the Midwestern gothic setting, and will match the tone that the STs and players create together.