Crafting and Modifications

Weapons and Armor can be modified with different Qualities. Adding a Standard Quality to a Weapon or piece of Armor is a draw of Intelligence + Handy, with a penalty equal to twice the number of Modifications on the object. Adding an Advanced Quality follows the same rules, but uses Engineering instead of Handy.


Weapon Qualities

Standard Qualities

Armor Piercing: When attacking, subtract 1 from the target’s Armor. This can be taken up to 3 times.

Deadly: This weapon gains an additional +1 Damage. This can be taken up to two times.

Defensive: This weapon gives a +1 bonus to Defense. This can be taken up to 3 times. (Melee Weapons Only)

Sawed Off: The shotgun’s range is lowered to 10/20, but attacks with it deny the target any Defense. (Shotgun Only)

Finesse: When using the weapon to make attacks, you may substitute your Dexterity for Strength. (Medium or Small Melee Only)

Grapple: Add the weapon’s damage rating to your pool when grappling. (Only Small Melee)

Stun: All damage this weapon deals is converted into bruising and you impart the Tilted Condition on a successful attack. You can attempt to deal lethal damage with this weapon, but doing so imparts a -3 penalty and no longer imparts the Tilted Condition.

Throwing: This weapon can be used as a ranged weapon whose attacks are made with Athletics. It’s range is based on your Strength. (Only Medium Melee or Small Melee)

Strength Range (yards)
1 5/15
2 10/20
3 15/25
4 20/30
5 25/35


Advanced Qualities

Aerodynamic: This thrown weapon has double the usual Range. (Must have Throwing)

Semi-Automatic: This weapon is capable of a concentrated burst of fire. It allows the character to make the Covering Fire Maneuver. (Handgun or Rifle only)

Full Auto: The weapon is capable of full autofire. It allows the character to make the (Must have Semi-Automatic)

9-again: Attack draws gain the 9-again quality. This takes up the space of 2 Modifications on the Weapon.

Fancy: The weapon looks very impressive and beautiful. Whenever your weapon might be used in a Social situation, it gives a +3 bonus to Social draws.


Armor Qualities

Standard Qualities

Reinforced: Your armor gains +1 to it’s Rating.

Nimble: The Defense penalty for wearing this armor is reduced by 1. (Archaic or Body Armor Only)

Defensive: The Shield gains +1 Defense. This can be taken up to 3 times. (Shield Only)

Concealable: Your armor is concealable, allowing you to hide it under other clothes with Stealth at no penalty. (Heavy Clothing Only)

Spiked: Your unarmed melee attacks deal lethal damage instead. (Archaic or Body Armor only)


Advanced Qualities

Kevlar: This Armor treats it’s Rating as 2 higher when it is defending against an attack made with Guns. (Heavy Clothing, Archaic, Body Armor only)

Strengthened: Your armor gains another +1 to it’s Rating. (Archaic Armor Only, must have Reinforced)

Bracing: Your armor provides assistance and steadys any shots you make. Gain a +1 bonus to all attacks made with Guns.