Acute Sense ( 1) (Unnatural)

Effect: Your character has an almost supernaturally keen sense. Specify one of the basic senses—sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smelling. Your sense is twice as sensitive, providing a +3 bonus when you make a draw involving the specified sense (not including attacks or other aggressive actions). This Advantage can be taken multiple times, you just have to Specify a different sense each time.

Agonize ( 2) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Local Lore ••••

Effect: You can cause pure pain in others, but the effect is merely temporary. The target is wreathed in hellish flames, bathed in electricity, or bombarded by a deafening chorus of screams and demonic roars. You spend a Willpower and make a Presence + Intimidation - target’s Stamina draw as an action. On a success, the target suffers virtual wound penalties equal to successes rolled (to a maximum of -3). The target cannot be knocked unconscious by this power, instead remaining conscious and in sheer agony for the rest of the scene. The target can still apply Defense to an attack. Each turn, the target may attempt a Resolve + Stamina roll to break free; success ends the Advantage. On an exceptional success, the target must make a Resolve + Composure roll to be able to do anything other than stand and scream. On a failure, you fail to inflict pain on the target and if it is a dramatic failure you cannot activate this power on the target for the rest of the game.

However it manifests, the victim is in agony for as long as your character concentrates. You must maintain line of sight with the target, and cannot do anything but move up to your Speed whilst concentrating. If concentration is broken, or line of sight is blocked, the power ends and the victim is released. Once released, the character finds she is physically unharmed, at the Health level she was when caught in this power.

Alacritous ( 1, 2)

Prerequisites: Dexterity •••

Effect: Your character runs not based on power, but on grace. Her speed is calculated with Dexterity instead of Strength. With the two dot version, your character can stand up from prone as a reflexive action.

Allies ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Effect: Allies help your character. They might be friends, employees, associates, or people your character has blackmailed. Each instance of this Advantage represents one type of ally, Specified when you take this Advantage. This could be an individual, or the members of an organization, society, or clique. Examples include a covenant, the police, a secret society, organized crime, unions, local politics, and the academic community. Each purchase has its own rating. Your character might have Allies (Coupon Club) ••, Allies (Cult of Menoth) •••, Allies (Parent Teacher Association) ••••, and Allies (Catholic Church) •.

Allies can perform small favors during game if asked. If you wish for your Allies to accomplish something larger, they can perform 1 downtime action of a level equal to your rating in this advantage. Each dot represents a layer of influence in the group. One dot would constitute small favors and passing influence. Three could offer considerable influence, such as the overlooking of a misdemeanor charge by the police. Five dots allows favors that stretch the limits of the organization’s influence, as its leaders put their own influence on the line for the character. This could include things such as ignoring massive insider trading or fouling up a felony investigation. No matter the request, it has to be something that organization could accomplish. Asking your Allies for a favor at any time possibly strain your relationship with the Allies, depending on the nature of the favor or the Allies.

One additional favor a character can ask of her Allies is to block another character’s Allies, Contacts, Mentor, Helper, or Status (if she knows the character possesses the relevant Advantage). The rating is equal to the Advantage dots blocked. As before, no draw is necessary unless the target’s Advantage exceeds the character’s Allies. If the block succeeds, the blocked character cannot use the Advantage during the same game. If you wish to use this as a downtime action, it is a Change action.

Area of Expertise ( 1)

Effect: Your character is uncommonly specialized in one area. Specify a word or short phrase that represents this specific knowledge and experience your character has. Whenever the Specification applies, you gain a +1 on any Skill or Special Training with at least one dot. For example, a doctor with an Area of Expertise in Anatomy may be able to use it when targeting a specific body part with Fight, but could not with a general strike.

Automatic Writing ( 2) (Unnatural)

Your character can enter a trance of sorts, in which she’s temporarily overtaken by a spirit or ghost, and compelled to write mysterious things.

Effect: Your character must meditate for at least one minute. Spend a point of Willpower and draw Wits + Composure to enter the trance. For every success, your character writes a single statement or clue about something occurring in the area or relating to a pertinent issue. The Storyteller provides these clues, and they may at first seem completely nonsensical. Characters may attempt to interpret the clues with Wits + Investigation or research efforts.

Drawback: If the draw fails, or the character does not employ a personal item of a local spirit in the meditation, she’s haunted afterward. Any time she fails a draw for the next week, it’s considered a dramatic failure as the spirit intervenes in complicating and sometimes dangerous ways.

Automotive Genius ( 1)

Prerequisites: Handy •••, Drive •, Engineering •

Effect: Your character knows how to fine-tune a vehicle to utter extremes. When determining how many modifications she can add to a vehicle, double her Handy dots. So, a character with Handy •••• could support eight combined modifications on a vehicle instead of four.

Bestial Tongue ( 3) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Outdoorsy •••, Empathy •••

Effect: Your character can communicate with animals, just as if she were speaking a human language. Animals relate what they have encountered through the lens of their own perceptions — dogs answer in terms of smell and hearing, while birds relate what they could see. Most animals can remember what has happened over the last night clearly, but they often have much more pressing concerns. Your average squirrel will remember the local dogs much quicker than their owners, for instance. Your character can influence and direct animals with Social draws, but are of course limited to what the animal could reasonably accomplish, such as "attack him," "follow her then return here," "chew through these cables."

Centered ( 1)

Prerequisites: Composure •••

Effect: Your character measures their inner strength based on social strength, rather than mental fortitude. Your Willpower is calculated with Composure instead of Resolve.

Clairvoyance ( 3) (Unnatural)

Effect: Your character can project her senses to another location within ten miles. She sees, hears, smells, and otherwise experiences the other place as if she were there. This ability requires a point of Willpower to activate, meditation or other ritual, and a Wits + Local Lore draw.

Suggested Modifiers: Has an object important to the place (+1), never been there (-3), scrying for a person and not a place (-3), scrying for non-specific location (-4), spent significant time there (+2), touching someone with a strong connection to the place (+1)

Drawback: When choosing this ability, determine how your character is able to scry. It may be through a crystal ball, through a drug-induced trance, with esoteric computer models, or any other reasonable method. She cannot scry without that tool or methodology.

Common Sense ( 3)

Effect: Your character has an exceptionally sound and rational mind. With a moment’s thought, she can weigh potential courses of action and outcomes. Once per season as an instant action, you may ask the Storyteller one of the following questions about a task at hand or course of action.

  • What is the worst choice?
  • What do I stand to lose here?
  • What’s the safest choice?
  • Am I chasing a worthless lead?

Concealed Carry ( 1, 2)

Prerequisites: Stealth ••, Guns • or Fight •

Effect: Your character carries concealable weapons for use in a tussle. As the one-dot version, rolls to detect the concealed weapon suffer your character’s Fight or Guns rank as a penalty. With the two-dot version, any surprise attack he makes with a previously concealed weapon gains the 9-again quality. This cannot benefit sniper attacks.

Contacts ( 1)

Effect: Contacts provide your character with information. Specify a single person, organization, or general sphere with which the character can garner information for each rank of this Advantage. For example, a character with three dots of Contacts might have Bob the Bartender, Drug Dealers, and Vampire Hunters for connections. Contacts do not provide services, only information. This may be face-to-face, by email or telephone, or even by séance in some strange instances. You may only ask each individual contact for information without penalty once per season, asking more of them is possible but will often require you to do things for them in return or pay some other price.

Crack Driver ( 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Drive •••

Effect: Your character’s an ace at the wheel, and nothing shakes his concentration. So long as he’s not taking any actions other than driving (and keeping the car safe), add his Composure to any draws to Drive. Any draws to disable his vehicle suffer a penalty equal to his Composure as well. With the three-dot version, once per turn he may take a Drive action reflexively.

Crushing Blow ( 2) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Fight •••, Strength •••

Effect: Your body is able to inflict heavy punishment. Whether this is because of abnormal muscle mass, or just martial arts training, you hit like a truck. All damage that you would deal unarmed (fist, foot, head, elbow, whatever) is done as lethal damage.

Danger Sense ( 2)

Effect: Your character’s reflexes are honed to the point where nothing’s shocking. You gain a +3 modifier on reflexive Wits + Composure draws for your character to detect an impending ambush.

Defensive Combat ( 1)

Prerequisites: Fight •

Effect: Your character is trained in avoiding damage in combat. Use her Fight to calculate Defense, rather than Athletics.

Demolisher ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Strength ••• or Intelligence •••

Effect: Your character has an innate feel for the weak points in objects. When damaging an object, she ignores one point of the object’s Armor per dot of this Advantage.

Direction Sense ( 1)

Effect: Your character has an innate sense of direction, and is always aware of her location in space. She always knows which direction she faces, and never suffers penalties to navigate or find her way.

Double-Jointed ( 2) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Dexterity •••

Effect: Your character might be a contortionist, or just "spent time practicing yoga." She can dislodge joints when need be. She automatically escapes from any mundane bonds without a draw. When grappled, subtract her Dexterity from any draws to overpower her.

Drain ( 3) (Unnatural)

Effect: The most dreaded power of the supernatural is the ability to suck the very life out of their victims. This life-leeching ability is said to be possessed by a number of horrors: soul-stealing witches, jubilant succubi, and of course vampires. This Advantage draws forth either a victim’s Willpower or Health, Specified when you take this power. Your character must also go through some steps to drain their target, which are Specified when you take this Advantage. Your character spends their whole turn and concentration to use this Advantage. The trait is drained at a rate of one per turn. Your character gains those drained dots as Health or Willpower per turn.

Example Specification: Vampires typically drain mortals’ Health through blood loss, though some drain Willpower points instead; either way, they drain with their bite, requiring that they must first spend an action grappling an opponent, and then spend the next turn’s action biting the victim while the victim is restrained (As part of a Hold move). The victim may struggle each turn unless held in place with another power, such as Agonize, above.

Dread Attack ( 1, 2, 3) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Intimidation •

Effect: Some things exist in the world that have apparent weapons, the fangs of a vampire or the claws of a wendigo. The Dread Attack covers anything that cuts, stabs, or rends. Your character must spend 1 Willpower to draw out this weapon, with fangs distending from mouths and spines pushing through flesh. In combat, the character treats the Dread Attack as a weapon with a Damage rating equal to the number of dot in this ability.

Duck and Weave ( 2)

Prerequisites: Athletics •••

Effect: Your character is adept at avoiding attacks. Whenever he uses the Dodge maneuver, he adds double his Dexterity to his defense instead.

Employees ( 2)

Prerequisites: Bureaucracy •

Effect: Your character has a crew of workers or assistants at his disposal. They may be housekeepers, designers, research assistants, animators, cheap thugs, or whatever else makes sense.
For every instance of this Advantage, Specify the type of assistant and one Skill. At any reasonable time, his staff can take actions using that Skill. These actions automatically garner a single success. While not very useful in contested actions, this guarantees steady progress on most activities and instant access on minor actions.

This Advantage can be purchased multiple times to represent multiple groups of Employees. Note that your character may have employees without requiring this advantage; it simply adds a mechanical advantage for those groups.

Exorcism ( 4) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Religion •••, Local Lore ••

Effect: Your character can banish spirits and shades, sending them back to the Hells from whence they came. Performing an exorcism is an extended action, with a pool of Resolve + Religion, subtracted by a number based on the power of the ephemeral being (up to a -5 penalty). Each draw represents 5 minutes of exorcising. Beginning the Exorcism requires an expenditure of 1 Willpower, and you must spend a further Willpower if you ever get a failure on your extended action draw to continue the ceremony. The number of successes required on the Exorcism draw is determined by the ST, but is always between 5 and 20.

Eye for Desire ( 1) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Manipulation •••

Effect: Some monsters can peer into the soul, and see a victim’s weakness. Many demons can see and subsequently exploit a person’s flaws. Some vampires cultivate this ability in order to tempt victims into vulnerable positions for feeding. This Advantage allows your character to learn a victim’s True Self. Your character spends 1 Willpower and makes a Wits + Empathy - Composure draw as an action. If successful, your character knows the target’s True Self.

Eye for the Odd ( 2)

Prerequisites: Resolve ••, Local Lore •

Effect: While your character does not necessarily possess a breadth of knowledge about the supernatural, she knows the unnatural when she sees it. By perusing evidence, she can determine whether something comes from natural origins. Draw Intelligence + Composure. With a success, the Storyteller must tell you if the scene has an unnatural cause, and provide one piece of found information that confirms the answer. With an exceptional success, she must give you a bit of supernatural folklore that suggests what type of creature caused the problem. If the problem was mundane, an exceptional success gives an ongoing +3 to all draws to investigate the event, due to her redoubled certainty in its natural causation.

Fame ( 1, 2)

Effect: Your character is recognized within a certain sphere, for a certain skill, or because of some past action or stroke of luck. This can mean favors and attention, it can also mean negative attention and scrutiny. When choosing the Advantage, Specify what your character is known for. One dot means narrow recognition, or reputation within a confined subculture (such as the High School). Two dots means wide recognition to the whole town, such as the Mayor or Sheriff might have. Each dot adds +1 to any Social draws among those who are impressed by your character’s celebrity.

Drawback: Any draws to find or identify the character enjoy a +1 bonus per dot of the Advantage. A character with Fame cannot have the Survivalist Advantage.

Fast Reflexes ( 2, 4)

Prerequisites: Wits ••• or Dexterity •••

Effect: Your character’s reflexes impress and astound; she’s always fast to react. She gains +1 Initiative at two dots, and +2 at four dots.

Firefight ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Composure •••, Dexterity •••, Athletics ••, Guns ••

Effect: Your character is comfortable with a gun. She’s been trained in stressful situations, and knows how to keep herself from being shot, while still shooting at her opponents. This Style is about moving, strafing, and taking shots when you get them. It’s not a series of precision techniques; it’s for using a gun practically in a real-world situation.

Shoot First (•): In a firefight, the person shot first is usually the loser. Your character has trained herself to fire first in an altercation. Her initiative is instead the higher of her Dexterity or Composure, plus her ranks in Guns.

Suppressive Fire (••): Your character is trained to fire off a handful of rounds with the intent to startle opponents and force impulse reactions. She can make the Covering Fire maneuver with any Gun.

Secondary Target (•••): Sometimes, shooting an opponent behind cover is all but impossible. However, a bullet can knock objects off balance, or cause ricochets. By using Secondary Target, your character opts not to hit her target, but instead strike them with any collateral objects that might be nearby. She causes bruising damage instead of lethal, but ignores all cover penalties to the roll. The weapon’s damage rating does not add to the damage in this case.

Fleet of Foot ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Athletics ••

Effect: Your character is remarkably quick, and runs far faster than his frame suggests. He gains +1 Speed per dot, and anyone pursuing him suffers a -1 per dot to any foot chase draws.

Fortitude ( 1, 2, 3) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Stamina •••

Effect: Some people can just shrug off injuries; their bodies still responding after a crushing blow. For these people, cuts and tears are largely meaningless. From each source of harm, your character downgrades damage up to her Fortitude dots from lethal to bruising or from bruising to nothing. For example, a vampire with three dots of Fortitude that suffers a five lethal damage attack only takes two lethal and three bruising damage. If she suffered five bruising, she’d only take two bruising. If she has sufficient dots to downgrade all suffered lethal, additional dots ignore levels of bruising damage. Thus, a vampire with three dots of Fortitude that suffers a two lethal damage wound would first downgrade both points to bruising, then ignore one of those two bruising.

Fun Facts ( 2)

Effect: Specify a Skill. Due to an immersion in the internet, game shows, or just a run of the mill obsession, your character has collected limitless factoids about the topic, even if she has no dots in the Skill. You can make an Intelligence + Wits draw at any time your character is dealing with her area of interest. On a successful draw, the Storyteller must give a relevant fact or detail about the issue at hand. Your character knows this fact, but you must explain within the scope of your character’s background why she knows it.

Giant ( 4) (Unnatural)

Effect: Your character is massive. She’s well over six feet tall, and crowds part when she approaches. She gains +1 Health box and whenever her size would assist her she gains a +1 on the draw, such as when jumping. Available only at character creation.

Drawback: Buying clothing is a nightmare. Fitting in small spaces is difficult at best. Her size can give her up to a -3 penalty.

Good Time Management ( 3)

Prerequisites: Bureaucracy •

Effect: Your character has vast experience managing complex tasks, keeping schedules, and meeting deadlines. Once per season, she may select "Burn Down Your Life" and face no consequences for her extra action.

Hardy ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Stamina •••

Effect: Your character’s body goes further than it rightfully should. Add the dots in this Advantage to any draws to resist disease, poison, deprivation, unconsciousness, or suffocation.

Helper ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Effect: Your character has an assistant, sycophant, servant, or follower on whom she can rely. Specify who this companion is, and how he was acquired. It may be as simple as a paycheck, or it could just be your kid brother. He might owe your character his life. However it happened, your character has a hold on him.

A Helper is more reliable than a Mentor, and more loyal than an Ally. On the other hand, a Helper is a lone person, less capable and influential than the broader Advantages.

The Advantage’s dot rating determines the relative competency of the Helper. A one-dot Helper is barely able to do anything of use, such as a pet that knows one useful trick, or a homeless old man that does minor errands for food. A three-dot Helper is someone capable in his line of work. A five-dot is a high level professional. If a Helper needs to make a draw, and it’s within her field, double the dot rating and use it as a dice pool. For anything else, use the dot rating as a dice pool.

This Advantage can be purchased multiple times to represent multiple Helpers.

Hobbyist Clique ( 2)

Prerequisites: Membership in a clique. All members must possess this Advantage, and the specified Skill at ••+

Effect: Your character is part of a group of hobbyists that specialize in one Skill, Specified when you take this Advantage. It may be a book club, a coven, a political party, or any group brought together by a common interest. When the group’s support is available, you benefit from the 9-again quality on draws involving the group’s chosen Skill. As well, the clique offers two additional dice on any extended actions involving that Skill.

Drawback: This Advantage requires upkeep. You must attend at least monthly, informal meetings to maintain the benefits of Hobbyist Clique. This likely requires downtimes actions.

Holistic Awareness ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Local Lore ••

Effect: Your character is skilled at non-traditional healing methods. While scientific minds might scoff, he can provide basic medical care with natural means. He knows what herbs can stem an infection, and what minerals will stave off a minor sickness. With access to woodlands, a greenhouse, or other source of diverse flora, your character can use Local Lore instead of Medicine to heal Bruising damage at 1 dot, to downgrade Lethal to Bruising at 2 dots, or to remove the Wounded or Tilted conditions at 3 dots.

Holy Strike ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Religion ••, Fight •••

Effect: By spending 1 Willpower, you are able to channel the righteous fury of The Divine. For the rest of the scene, you gain a bonus to all your attack draws equal to the number of ranks in Holy Strike against anyone who has an Unnatural Advantage.

Hunter ( 1)

Prerequisites: Outdoorsy •••, Wits •••, Stamina •••

Effect: Your character works best when chasing or being chased; the hunt is in his blood. When in a chase, you receive the effects of an exceptional success on three successes instead of five. In addition, she gains a +3 bonus when attempting to track something or to cover her own tracks.

Hypnotism ( 5) (Unnatural)

Effect: There are things which can entrance with their very voice, or eyes, or even scent. The siren’s song and the vampire’s gaze both hold this special power, and so does your character. By spending 1 Willpower, and making a Manipulation + Persuasion - Resolve draw as an action, you can impart the Mesmerized Condition on a success.

Your character’s will is subordinate to that of another’s, referred to here as the Master. Your character is not obviously hypnotized — they’re a bit quiet and reserved compared to normal, but nothing out of the ordinary. When the Master gives your character a command, they cannot resist. If it’s something that they wouldn’t normally do, it might look like your character has been hypnotized or that they’re sleepwalking, but otherwise they look and act normally. They also can’t quite remember what happened while they were under the Master’s control, but they do know that their mind was violated somehow. Depending on the circumstances of becoming Mesmerized, your character might not even know who did it to them. If your character resolves this Condition, they gain a +3 bonus to resist further attempts to Mesmerize them in the same scene. This Condition fades naturally after your character receives 3 commands or when an hour has passed, which does not count as resolving the Condition. Resolution: Take any amount of damage, experience a loss in Stability as part of the Master’s command

Impress ( 5) (Unnatural)

Effect: Your character digs deep into a target’s soul, pulling at their very heart strings. Their view of you becomes warped, as they now see you as a close friend or confident. By spending 1 Willpower, and making a Presence + Empathy - Composure draw as an action, you can impart the Charmed Condition on a success.

Your character has been charmed by a supernatural force of personality, referred to here as the Charmer. They don’t want to believe that anything the Charmer says is a lie, and your character can’t read his true intentions. The Charmer gains +3 to Manipulation draws against your character, and any Wits + Empathy draws they make to detect his lies or uncover his true motives suffer a -3 penalty. Your character wants to do things for the Charmer, to make him happy. If he asks, they’ll do favors for him like he was one of their good friends — giving him a ride, opening a locked door, or revealing gossip that they really shouldn’t. Their mind rationalizes these things, but if the Condition is resolved your character immediately knows they were tricked or influenced in some way to do these things. This Condition fades naturally after an hour, which does not count as resolving the Condition. Resolution: The Charmer attempts to harm your character or someone close to them, your character divulges a secret or perform a taxing favor for the Charmer

Indomitable ( 2)

Prerequisites: Resolve •••

Effect: Your character possesses an iron will. The powers of the supernatural have little bearing on her behavior. She can stand up to a vampire’s mind control, a witch’s charms, or a ghost’s gifts of fright. Any time a supernatural creature uses a power to influence your character’s thoughts or emotions, add +3 to the draw to contest it. If the draw is resisted, instead impose a -2 penalty on the monster’s pool. Note that this only affects mental influence and manipulation from a supernatural origin. A demonblooded with a remarkable Manipulation + Persuasion score is just as likely to convince your character to do something using mundane tricks.

Iron Skin ( 2, 4) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Stamina •••

Effect: Through supernatural toughness, rigorous conditioning, or extensive scarring, your character has grown resistant to harm. She can shrug off shots that would topple bigger fighters. She knows how to take a strike, and can even move into a hit from a weapon to minimize harm. She gains one point of Armor with ••, and two points of Armor with ••••.

Iron Stamina ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Stamina ••• or Resolve •••

Effect: Each dot eliminates a negative modifier (on a one- for-one basis) when resisting the effects of fatigue or injury. For example: A character with Iron Stamina •• is able to ignore up to a -2 modifier brought on by fatigue. The Advantage also counteracts the effects of wound penalties. So, if all of your character’s Health boxes are filled (which normally imposes a -3 penalty to his actions) and he has Iron Stamina •, those penalties are reduced to -2. This Advantage cannot be used to gain positive modifiers for actions, only to cancel out negative ones.

Iron Will ( 2)

Prerequisites: Resolve ••••

Effect: Your character’s resolve is unwavering. When spending Willpower to contest or resist in a Social interaction, you may substitute your character’s Resolve for the usual Willpower bonus. If the draw is contested, draw with 8-again.

Lay on Hands ( 2) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Holistic Awareness •••

Effect: Your character augments their knowledge of poultices and salves with magical ability. She can provide immediate assistance to wounds, whether by administering mystical potions or through chanting and physical contact, taking an action to make a Presence + Local Lore or a Presence + Religion draw (Specified when you take this Advantage). Each success she gains allows her to downgrade one Lethal to Bruising, or instantly heal 1 Bruising.

Lurker in Darkness ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Manipulation •••, Stealth ••

Effect: Your character can slip out of sight, either by gathering ambient shadows around her or by just blending into the background. By spending 1 Willpower, she adds an amount equal to her dots in this Advantage to Stealth draws for the rest of the scene and automatically pass by anyone who is not actively looking for another person such as a police officer or nosey housewife. She can take no aggressive action whilst concealed, doing so immediately ends the effects of this power. Your character can of course choose to end this effect early if she wishes, without having to attack anyone.

Marksmanship ( 1, 2, 3, 4)

Prerequisites: Composure •••, Resolve •••, Guns ••

Effect: When prepared and aimed, a gun is an ideal killing machine. Your character has trained to take advantage of the greatest features of a gun, usually a rifle, but this Style can be used with any gun. Because of the discipline and patience required for Marksmanship, your character cannot use her Defense during any turn in which she uses one of these maneuvers. These maneuvers may only be used after aiming for at least one turn.

Through the Crosshairs (•): Your character is a competent sniper, able to sit in position and steel her wits. Usually, the maximum bonus from aiming is +3. With Through the Crosshairs, it’s equal to her Composure + Guns.
Precision Shot (••): With this level of training, your character knows how to effectively disable a victim instead of focusing on the kill. When attacking a specified target, you may reduce your weapon’s damage rating by two to either deal bruising damage or to inflict the Tilted Condition.
A Shot Rings Out (•••): A master sniper, your character has no worries or lack of confidence. She can fire into a crowd and strike a specific target without penalty. If she misses, it’s because her shot goes wide. She will never hit an unintended target.
Ghost (••••): Your character has trained to shoot un-seen, and vanish without a trace. Her Guns score acts as a penalty on any roll to notice her vantage point, or any Investigation or perception draws to check the area from where she was shooting.

Tilted Your character has been hurt, sickened, or disoriented. Whenever your character attempts to take an action, they suffer a -3 penalty. Resolution: Rest for an hour, choose to go unconscious for the rest of the scene, or receive Medical attention.

Martial Arts ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Prerequisites: Resolve •••, Dexterity •••, Athletics ••, Fight ••

Effect: Your character is trained in one or more formal martial arts styles. This may have come from a personal mentor, a dojo, or a self-defense class. It may have been for exercise, protection, show, or tradition.

Flow like Water (•): Your character is quick to react to any aggressive situation. Her initiative is instead the higher of her Dexterity or Composure, plus her ranks in Fight.
Focused Attack (••): Your character has trained extensively in striking specific parts of an opponent’s body. She may ignore one point of armor on any opponent.
One-Two Punch (•••): Your character hits fast, and she follows through with every hit. Whenever she makes a successful attack, you can spend a point of Willpower to cause two extra points of bruising damage.
Knocking the Wind Out (••••): Shots to the center mass can shake an opponent, and your character knows this well. When your character makes a successful attack that would deal at least 3 damage, she may instead cause the Tilted Condition.
Like the Breeze (•••••): Your characters steps to one side as his opponent attacks, and gives her enough of a push to send her flying past him. When Dodging, if your opponent’s attack gets zero successes, you can either cause them to Go Prone or force your attacker to draw the same attack against another attacker of your choice.

Tilted Your character has been hurt, sickened, or disoriented. Whenever your character attempts to take an action, they suffer a -3 penalty. Resolution: Rest for an hour, choose to go unconscious for the rest of the scene, or receive Medical attention.

Masterpieces ( 3) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Local Lore ••, Artsy •••

Effect: Your character is able to create amazing works, stirring the souls of those who look upon it. Specify a specific medium when you take this Advantage, such as Sculptures or Baked Goods. When you are making a piece, you can spend a Willpower and make a Presence + Artsy draw to imbue the work with power and choose how you wish the work to inspire others. If you succeeded on the draw and someone interacts with your piece for a significant amount of time (I.E. eats a whole slice of pie, or looks at your sculpture for a full minute), they gain the Inspired Condition. The character may not use this Advantage on herself.

Inspired Your character is deeply inspired toward a specific course of action, stated when you gain this condition. When your character takes an action pertaining to that inspiration, you may resolve this Condition. An exceptional success on that roll requires only three successes instead of five and you gain a point of Willpower. Resolution: Characters spend inspiration to spur themselves to greater success, resolving the Condition as described above

Medium ( 3) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Empathy ••

Effect: Your character hears the words and moans of the dead. If he takes the time to parse their words, he can interact with them verbally.

Your character has more than just a knack for knowing when ephemeral beings are lurking nearby, he can reach out and make contact with them. By conducting a ritual, meditating, or otherwise preparing to commune with the unseen, and succeeding at a Wits + Local Lore draw, he may attract the attention of a specific shade.

Drawback: Speaking with ghosts can be a blessing, but your character cannot turn the sense off, any more than he can turn off his hearing. The character hears the words of the dead any time they’re present. Once per game session, usually in a time of extreme stress, the Storyteller may deliver a disturbing message to your character from the other side. You must succeed in a Resolve + Composure draw or gain the Tilted Condition.

Mentor ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Effect: This Advantage gives your character a teacher that provides advice and guidance, Specified when you take this Advantage. He acts on your character’s behalf, often in the background, and sometimes without your character’s knowledge. While Mentors can be highly competent, they almost always want something in return for their services. The dot rating determines the Mentor’s capabilities, and to what extent he’ll aid your character.

When establishing a Mentor, determine what the Mentor wants from your character. This should be personally important to him, and it should reflect on the dot rating chosen. A one-dot Mentor might be incapable of dealing with modern society, and want to live vicariously through your character. This might mean coming to him and telling stories of her exploits. A five-dot Mentor would want something astronomical, such as an oath to procure an ancient, cursed artifact that may or may not exist, in order to prevent a prophesized death.

Specify three Skills or 1 Skill and 1 Special Training the Mentor possesses. You can substitute Resources for one of the Skills. Once per session, the character may ask her Mentor for a favor. The favor must involve one of those Skills or Special Training, or be within the scope of his Resources. The Mentor commits to the favor (often asking for a commensurate favor in return), and if a draw is required, the Mentor is automatically considered to have successes equal to his dot rating. Alternately, you may ask the Storyteller to have the Mentor act on your character’s behalf, without her character knowing or initiating the request.

Numbing Touch ( 2) (Unnatural)

Effect: With Numbing Touch, your character’s gifts allow her to numb a person, rendering them sluggish and incompetent. Your character may numb with a single touch and a point of Willpower. Against an unwilling subject, draw Intelligence + Theft, contested by Resolve + Stamina. If successful, the character gains the Tilted Condition.

Tilted Your character has been hurt, sickened, or disoriented. Whenever your character attempts to take an action, they suffer a -3 penalty. Resolution: Rest for an hour, choose to go unconscious for the rest of the scene, or receive Medical attention.

Orator ( 3) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Presence •••

Effect: Your character’s passion drives those around her to greatness. With a few words, she can redouble a group’s confidence or move them to action. Make a Presence + Empathy draw. A small group of listeners levies a -1 penalty, a small crowd a -2, and a large crowd a -3. Listeners gain the Inspired Condition. The character may not use this Advantage on herself.

Inspired Your character is deeply inspired toward a specific course of action, stated when you gain this condition. When your character takes an action pertaining to that inspiration, you may resolve this Condition. An exceptional success on that roll requires only three successes instead of five and you gain a point of Willpower. Resolution: Characters spend inspiration to spur themselves to greater success, resolving the Condition as described above

Patient ( 1)

Effect: Your character knows how to pace herself and take the time to do the job right the first time. When taking an extended action, you may make two additional draws, above what your Attribute + Skill allows.

Police Tactics ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Fight ••, Athletics •

Effect: Your character is trained in restraint techniques, often used by law enforcement officers. This may reflect formal training, or lessons from a skilled practitioner.

Compliance Hold (•): Gain a +2 bonus to perform the Disarm maneuver or to initiate a Grapple.

Weapon Retention (••): Opponents attempting to disarm your character take a penalty equal to his Fight.

Speed Cuff (•••): Against an immobilized opponent, your character may apply handcuffs, cable ties, or similar restraints as a reflexive action.

Psychokinesis ( 5) (Unnatural)

Effect: Your character has a psychic ability to manipulate the forces of the universe. Every type of Psychokinetic is different, Specified when you take the Advantage. For example, your character might have Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, or Electrokinesis, the control of fire, cold, or electricity, respectively. This is not an exhaustive list. He can intensify, shape, and douse his particular area of ability. He can even manifest it from nothing!

Spend a point of Willpower to activate Psychokinesis, and draw Resolve + Local Lore. Each success allows a degree of manipulation; choose one of the following options below. If characters should be harmed without a direct attack, for example, if they run through a patch of flame, the manifestation causes two lethal damage. The Storyteller may rule that larger manifestations may cause more, if the situation calls for it.

  • Increase or decrease the size of the force, based on the number of successes.
  • Move the force a number of yards equal to your character’s maximum Willpower.
  • Attack a victim with the force. If you intend to cause harm with the draw, subtract the victim’s Defense from the Resolve + Local Lore draw. Psychokinesis is a +2 weapon.
  • Manifest his force. It manifests a handful of the force. It may spread or be enlarged with further successes as normal.
  • Shape the force into a specific form. This may require an Intelligence + Artsy draw to form it into a detailed or intricate shape.
  • Use the force creatively. This is up to the situation and the force in question. For example, an Electrokinetic may use his ability to power an electronic device briefly or to jumpstart a stalled automobile.

Drawback: Whenever your character depletes his last Willpower point, the Storyteller can call on his abilities to manifest spontaneously. Resist this with a Resolve + Composure draw, with a -2 penalty if his chosen force is prominently featured nearby. For example, the penalty applies if a Pyrokinetic is locked in a factory with a hot forge. This tends to happen during wildly inconvenient moments, and in ways that usually cause more trouble than they solve. With these wild manifestations, use of Psychokinesis does not cost Willpower.

Psychometry ( 3) (Unnatural)

Effect: Psychometry is the psychic ability to read impressions left on physical objects. Your character can feel the emotional resonance left on an item, or can perceive important events tied to a location with this ability. The ability automatically hones in on the most emotionally intense moment tied to the item.

Spend a Willpower point to activate Psychometry. The successes scored on a Wits + Local Lore draw determine the clarity of the visions. For each success, you may ask a single yes or no question of the Storyteller, or one of the following questions. For questions pertaining to specific characters, if your character hasn’t met the person in question, the Storyteller may simply describe them.

  • What’s the strongest emotion here?
  • Am I missing something in this scene?
  • What breaking point caused the event?
  • Who remembers this moment the most? Where was this object during the event?

Suggested Modifiers: Character has read impressions from this item before (-2), important event happened more than one day ago (-1), more than one week ago (-2), more than one month ago (-3), more than one year ago (-5), item was used in a violent crime (+2), item is only vaguely tied to the event (-2), spirits pertaining to the event are nearby (+3)

Drawback: Once per season, the Storyteller can force a Psychometry vision any time an important place is visited, or an important item is touched. This doesn’t require a draw or a Willpower point to activate. The Storyteller can give any information pertaining to the event in question. Additionally, the Storyteller can impose the Inspired or Tilted Conditions as a result of the vision.

Relentless ( 1)

Prerequisites: Athletics ••, Stamina •••

Effect: Your character will not stop running, whether away from a pursuer or toward prey. In any chase, your opponents must achieve two additional successes to catch her or elude her.

Resources ( 1, 2, 3)

Effect: This Advantage reflects your character’s disposable income. She might live in an “upscale” condo, but if her income is tied up in the mortgage and child support payments, she might have little money to throw around.

The dot rating determines the relative amount of disposable funding the character has available. Every item has an Availability rating. Once per game, your character can procure an item at her Resources level or lower, without issue. An item one Availability above her Resources reduces her effective Resources by one dot for a full season, since she has to rapidly liquidate funds. She can procure items two Availability below her Resources without limit (within reason).

Examples of Resources Ratings

• Shaky finances, still living paycheck to paycheck.
•• Lower Middle Class, you have just started to get real spending money here and there.
••• A nice, comfortable middle class life. You might have paid off your house, you might have 2 cars.

Revelation ( 4) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Presence •••

Effect: With this Advantage, your character can reveal their true nature to witnesses, causing fear, awe, shock, or reverence. Revelation requires a specific visual effect that can be shown off, such as lights dimming and turning green around your character or her face warping into a terrifying mask. Every character is attuned to his own method of Revelation befitting his guise, and this must be Specified when the Advantage is taken.

Depending on the type of Revelation, this Advantage works in two different ways, but always requires spending 1 Willpower and taking an action. You either draw Presence + Intimidation - the highest Composure of all witnesses and a further penalty based on the number of witnesses to inspire fear or revulsion, or Presence + Empathy - the highest Composure of all witnesses and a further penalty based on the number of witnesses to inspire beauty or reverence. Anyone attempting to act against the desired emotional response takes a penalty equal to the number of successes you had on the activating draw.

Suggested Modifiers: One Witness (0), Small Crowd (-1), Large Crowd (-3)

Ride Corpse ( 2) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Local Lore ••••

Effect: Your character is able to take over a human corpse as its host, effectively becoming one of the shambling dead. Bodiless spirits aren’t the only creatures who possess this power: any creature of the night can mystically transfer its consciousness to a corpse for a time, provided it has this Advantage. By spending 1 Willpower and making a successful Presence + Local Lore draw, you jump into the corpse. During this time, your character’s body lies dormant (as if comatose). Anyone providing Medical attention immediately recognizes that something is not normal.

Your character’s consciousness transfers to the corpse for a number of hours equal to your Resolve score. Your character still has access to all his Skills and Special Trainings, but all Attributes suffer the loss of one dot while inhabiting the corpse. In addition, Speed is halved (round down). Your character feels no pain when the corpse is damaged. The corpse body has a number of Health boxes based on the state of decay of the body, with a fresh corpse having 10 boxes while a skeleton may only have 4 or 5. The corpse suffers increasing wound penalties in their last five Health boxes instead of the usual last three. If the body ever has all of it’s Health boxes filled, your character snaps back to her own body. Note, however, that if your character’s actual body is harmed while torpid, his consciousness automatically exits the corpse body and returns to his own.

Note: Use of this power does not make the corpse look like anything other than a corpse, nor does it stave off putrefaction.

Ritual Magic ( 2, 4) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Local Lore •••

Effect: Your character has an ease and ability when casting Rituals. With 2-dots, she can eschew the Trappings requirements of Rituals. She is still required to activate the Ritual’s Principle and acquire any Focuses. With 4-dots, your character has a natural font of magic within her and can cast rituals much more easily. She gains a +3 to all her Ritual draws.

Safe Place ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Effect: Your character has somewhere she can go where she can feel secure, Specified when you take this Advantage. While she may have enemies that could attack her there, she’s prepared and has the upper hand. The dot rating reflects the security of the place. The actual location, the luxury, and the size are represented by equipment. A one-dot Safe Place might be equipped with basic security systems or a booby trap at the windows and door. A five-dot could have a security crew, infrared scanners at every entrance, or trained dogs. Each place can be an apartment, a mansion, or a hidey-hole. A Safe Place gives an Initiative bonus equal to the Advantage dots.

Any efforts to breach the Safe Place suffer a penalty equal to the Advantage dots invested. If the character desires, the Safe Place can include traps that cause intruders lethal damage equal to a maximum of the Advantage rating (player’s choice as to how much damage a given trap inflicts). This requires that the character has at least three dot in Handy or Outdoorsy. The traps may be avoided with a Dexterity + Theft draw, penalized by the Safe Place dots.

Sleight of Hand ( 4)

Prerequisites: Theft •••

Effect: Your character can pick locks and pockets without even thinking about it. She can take one Theft-based instant action reflexively in a given turn. As well, her Theft actions go unnoticed unless someone is trying specifically to catch or look out for a thief.

Small-Framed ( 2)

Effect: Your character is diminutive, possibly a child. He’s probably not five feet, and it’s easy to walk into him without noticing. He gains +3 to any draws to hide or go unnoticed, and this bonus might apply any time being smaller would be an advantage, such as crawling through smaller spaces. Available only at character creation.

Drawback: Your character has 1 fewer Health box. In addition to the lower Health, your character might be overlooked or not taken seriously by some people which can give a -1 penalty to some social draws.

Special License ( 1)

Prerequisites: Drive •••

Effect: Your character has specific training on a type of vehicles outside of the norm. When you take this Advantage, Specify the type of vehicles (such as big rig truck, plane, train, or excavator). You take no penalties related to using these vehicles.

Note: Usually characters gain between a -1 and -5 penalty for attempting to Drive a vehicle that they are completely unfamiliar with.

Status ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Effect: Your character has standing, membership, authority, control over, or respect from a group or organization. This can reflect official standing, or merely informal respect. No matter the source, your character enjoys certain privileges within that structure.

Each instance of this Advantage reflects standing in a different group or organization, Specified when you take the Advantage. Your character may have Status (The Luck Gang) •••, Status (Drag Racing Circuit) ••, and Status (Police) •. Each affords its own unique benefits. As you increase dot ratings, your character rises in prominence in the relevant group.

Status provides two main benefits for your character. First, your character can apply her Status to any Social draw when interacting with members of the Specified group, or those who might be impressed by her membership within the group. Status (Organized Crime) is much more useful for intimidating a witness than Status (Boy Scouts) would be.

Second, she has access to group facilities, resources, and funding. This is often limited by red tape and requisitioning processes, requiring a Bureaucracy + Status draw. It’s also dependent on the resources the particular group has available, as minor things for a group don’t require this draw. Status only allows advantages within the confines of the group reflected in the Advantage. Status (Home Depot) won’t help if your character wants an official concealed carry firearms permit, no matter how many successes she gets on her draw.

Drawback: Status requires upkeep, and often regular duties. If these duties are not upheld, the Status may be lost. The dots will not be accessible until the character re-establishes her standing. For Status (Organized Crime), your character may be expected to pay protection money, offer tribute to a higher authority, or undertake felonious activities.

Strange Form ( 3, 4, 5) (Unnatural)

Effect: Your character can take a strange form, usually that of an animal (though some may shift into other things: atavistic throwbacks, mythical beasts, creatures out of folklore or fairy tales). Specify what that form is when you take this Advantage. By spending 3 Willpower, she can change shape as a reflexive action. She rearranges her Attribute dots, gaining one dot in an Attribute per dot lost in another Attribute, up to the normal maximum of 5 in any one Attribute. This alternate set of Attributes is the same each time she takes the form, and many traits—Speed, Defense, Health, Initiative—must change accordingly. Your character also loses access to any of her other Unnatural Advantages and any Advantages that rely specifically on your appearance such as Small Framed.

Also, this Advantage gives you a number of special abilities for the form, one at three ranks and one more for each other rank in this Advantage. Specify what those are when you take this Advantage.

  • Natural Prowess: +1 to a Physical Attribute of your choice. This can take the Attribute over 5 ranks. You can choose this ability multiple times, picking a different Attribute each time.
  • Dangerous: Sharp claws or large teeth grow from your character. They are weapons with a damage rating of +1.
  • Animal Instincts: +2 to Perception checks. You can choose this ability multiple times, with the benefit stacking each time.
  • Extra Sense: Your character grows extra sensory organs, giving her tremor sense, echolocation, or some other sense that allows her to “see” without using her eyes. Using this sense, she has a 360-degree field of vision.
  • Quick Loping: Your alternate form allows your character to run very efficiently. Add +4 to her Speed and double all jump distances.
  • Armored: Your character grows boney plates or other defensive structures, gaining Armor 2.
  • Aquatic: Your character can swim at the same Speed she can run on land.
  • Wings: Your character grows wings. She can fly at up to her full running Speed.
  • Massive: Your character grows much larger, gaining the Giant Advantage.
  • Tiny: Your character shrinks in size, gaining the Small Frame Advantage.
  • Mystical Nature: Your character can still benefit from one of her other Unnatural Advantages when shifting shapes, Specified when you choose this ability.

The transformation lasts for a single scene, though an additional Willpower point can be spent to extend it by one scene per point spent. She can end the transformation at any time, reverting back to her human form.

Striking Looks ( 1, 2)

Effect: Your character is stunning, alarming, commanding, repulsive, threatening, charming, or otherwise worthy of attention. Determine how your character looks and how people react to that. For one dot, your character gets a +1 bonus on any Social draws that would be influenced by his looks. For two dots, the benefit increases to +2. Depending on the particulars, this might influence Bureaucracy, Empathy, Persuasion, Lies, or other draws.

Drawback: Attention is a double-edged sword. Any draws to spot, notice, or remember your character gain the same dice bonus. Sometimes, your character will draw unwanted attention in social situations. This could cause further complications.

Strong Stomach ( 1)

Effect: Most people turn away at the sight of blood, other bodily fluids, or exotic biology. Your character has seen enough that nothing turns her stomach. When other characters must resist shock or physical repulsion from the disgusting and morbid, your character stands her ground. You do not need to make Composure, Stamina, or Resolve draws to withstand the biologically strange. This doesn’t mean she’s immune to fear; she’s just used to nature in all its nasty forms.

Survivalist ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Cannot have Fame

Effect: Your character lives off the grid. This means purchases must be made with cash or falsified credit cards. She eschews identification. She avoids any official authoritative influence in her affairs. Any attempts to find her by paper trail suffer a -1 penalty per dot purchased in this Advantage.
Drawback: Your character cannot purchase the Fame Advantage. This also may limit Status purchases, if the character cannot provide sufficient identification for the roles she wishes to take.

Survivor ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Prerequisites: Wits •••, Composure •••, Fight •, Stealth •, Theft •

In a fight, the winner is the last one standing. And so you use every weapon available to make sure you are the one left at the end.

Bait and Switch (•): Your character fights dirty. You can spend a Willpower to Feint as a reflexive action, allowing you to attack in the same turn.
Always Armed (••): At the start of your turn, you may make a reflexive Wits + Fight roll to grab an object suitable for use as a weapon in pretty much any environment. (The player is encouraged to work with the Storyteller to determine an appropriate item — a large, jagged rock in the wilderness, for example, or a heavy glass ashtray with one sharp, broken edge in a dive bar.) Regardless of what he picks up, he suffers no penalties for making an attack with an improvised weapon and it takes the Statistics of a melee weapon as normal. On an exceptional success, the weapon he finds has an additional +1 damage modifier.
Cover the Angles (•••): You are always ready for an attack at any time. You still retain your full Defense against a surprise attack, but do not get to react in any other way.
Turnabout (••••): If your character’s caught short in a fight, his opponent’s weapon suits him just fine. When he attempts to Disarm his opponent, he may spend a Willpower to instead draw Dexterity + Theft - Defense and step the results up one level — on a failure, his opponent drops the weapon. On a success, your character takes possession of his opponent’s weapon. On an exceptional success, your character has the weapon and his opponent takes two points of bashing damage.
Last-Ditch Effort (•••••): Any time a character with this level of Survivor is about to take a hit or get overpowered when she’s already suffering Health penalties, she can reflexively spend a Willpower point and sacrifice her Defense for the turn to make an attack against her would-be assailant. This can occur even if she’s already acted in a turn, so long as she’s not already spent Willpower. Resolve this attack before the opponent’s action.

Taste ( 1)

Prerequisites: Artsy ••, Academics •

Effect: Your character has refined tastes, and can identify minor details in fashion, food, architecture, and other form of artistry and craftsmanship. Specify an area of expertise when you take this Advantage. Not only does this give her an eye for detail, it makes her a center of attention in critical circles. She can appraise items within her area of expertise. With a Wits + Skill draw, depending on the creation in question (Artsy for poetry, Engineering for architecture, for example), your character can pick out obscure details about the item that other, less discerning minds would not. For each success, ask one of the following questions, or take a +1 bonus to any Social draws pertaining to groups interested in the art assessed for the remainder of the scene.

  • What is the hidden meaning in this?
  • What was the creator feeling during its creation?
  • What’s its weakest point?
  • Which other witness is most moved by this piece?
  • How should one best appreciate this piece?

Drawback: Other people might view you as a bit of a snob or just full of your own importance.

Telekinesis ( 5) (Unnatural)

Effect: Your character has a psychic ability to manipulate the physical world with her mind. This means lifting, pushing, and pulling objects. Fine manipulation is beyond the scope of Telekinesis. By spending a Willpower point, she can activate Telekinesis for the scene. Her Intelligence determine her mind’s effective Strength for the purpose of lifting and otherwise influencing her environment.

A Telekinetic can use her abilities to cause harm by lashing out at threats. Each such attack costs a point of Willpower. The draw to attack is Witts + Local Lore. The attack causes bruising damage. If the Telekinetic has picked up an object to hurl at someone else, they instead cause Lethal damage. Alternatively, it can be used to grapple, with Intelligence replacing the Strength score of the psychic. Any overpowering maneuvers require additional Willpower points.

Drawback: Any time your character suffers injury or intense stimuli, the Storyteller may call for a Resolve + Composure draw to resist activating Telekinesis at an inopportune time. If the Storyteller calls for this draw and it fails, the character activates Telekinesis in a quick, impressive display of the power. That use of Telekinesis is free. The player can choose to automatically fail the Resolve + Composure draw and gain a Willpower.

Tempest ( 5) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Local Lore •••, Outdoorsy ••

Effect: The sky turns black and lightning splits the sky. Strong winds whip the ocean’s waves. Thunder booms and cracks. And you have called it forth. This Advantage allows your character to summon a quick, powerful storm to hurt, distract, and disorient any nearby. Both an effective combat tactic and escape tool, the power to control weather has long been a symbol of frightening, phenomenal mystic power. Few beings in the world stand unafraid of natural disaster. Using this power is an extended action, requiring you spend 5 Willpower and make a series of Presence + Local Lore draws with each representing a minute (10 rounds) of ritual. Once summoned, the storm affects a wide area. For ten successes, it covers a small field. For twenty successes, it will cover the entire town. For thirty successes, it’ll blanket the entire county.

Once activated, those in the affected area can only see a few feet ahead of them. The sound and power of the storm nearly mutes all senses, giving a -3 penalty to Perception, ranged attacks, and other draws at ST discretion. Anyone who’s outside in the tempest takes one bruising damage per minute of full exposure. Movement is limited; each turn characters must succeed in a Stamina + Athletics roll or be knocked down, and characters may only move half their Speed even if they succeed. Additionally, weak structures will break in the deluge. Floods will result. The storm will cause severe, costly, lasting damage within its area of effect. Your character is completely immune to the effects of her own tempest. She can see through it, and move through it effortlessly. The same cannot be said for her friends or allies.

Your character can end the storm prematurely as an action. Otherwise, the tempest’s duration will last for one hour, after which it will fade as quickly as it began.

This will attract significant attention.

Terrify ( 3) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Intimidation •••

Effect: Your character is so scary that they can drive another away with force of will alone. Whether this is by baring their fangs and claws or just a supernaturally stern glance, you must spend 1 Willpower and engage the target in eye contact, drawing contested Presence + Intimidation versus the target’s Resolve + Composure as an action. If the draw succeeds, the target flees the scene as quickly as possible, via the nearest available escape route. She will not stop running until she reaches a location she considers to be safe.

Touched by the Devil ( 1) (Unnatural)

Effect: Whether you made a deal to gain the heart of your true love or are descended from Hell itself, your life has been forever changed by the Devil. Though the Devil comes in many forms, you can recognize them without a draw after you are in their presence for a few minutes. Directly interacting with the Devil can shorten this time drastically.

Trained Observer ( 1, 3)

Effect: Your character has spent years in the field, catching tiny details and digging for secrets. She might not have a better chance of finding things, but she has a better chance of finding important things. Any time you make a Perception draw (usually Wits + Composure), you benefit from the 9-again quality. With the three-dot version, you get 8-again.

True Friend ( 3)

Effect: Your character has a True Friend, Specified when you take this Advantage. While that friend may have specific functions covered by other Advantages (Allies, Contacts, Helper, Mentor, et cetera), True Friend represents a deeper, truly trusting relationship that cannot be breached. Unless your character does something egregious to cause it, her True Friend will not betray her. Any draws to influence a True Friend against your character suffer a -5 penalty. In addition, once per game, your character can regain one spent Willpower by having a meaningful interaction with her True Friend.

Unholy Gift ( 1, 2, 3) (Unnatural)

Effect: This power grants your character incredible potency in a single Attribute, specified when you take this Advantage. Your character spends Willpower to boost that Attribute by the number of points invested in Unholy Gift. This bonus lasts until the end of the scene. Characters using this power recalculate appropriate traits (Speed, Health, Initiative, Defense) using the new Attribute score.

Warding ( 3) (Unnatural)

Prerequisites: Religion •••• or Local Lore ••••

Effect: Whether through mystical training or the power of faith in The Almighty, you are able to create a protective zone around you -- excluding dark beings or possibly even blocking bullets. By spending 1 Willpower and making a Presence + Religion or Presence + Local Lore, Specified when you take this Advantage, you can create a mystical barrier for as long as you devote your entire action to concentration and chanting.

This barrier is a sphere, no larger than 6 yards in diameter, and must be designated by a circle on the ground (salt and holy water are common) if it is not centered on your character. Anyone who attempts to cross your barrier must make a Strength + Athletics draw and gain a greater number of successes than your activating draw. If they fail, they do not cross the barrier. The barrier is also treated as total cover, with a Durability equal to the number of successes on the activating draw divided by two, rounded up (See Cover and Concealment).

Wrestling ( 1, 2, 3)

Prerequisites: Stamina •••, Strength ••, Athletics ••, Fight ••

Effect: Your character has trained in wrestling, or one of many grappling martial arts.

Sprawl (•): Your character can adjust his weight in a Grapple. Gain a +2 to any draws made to control a grapple.
Takedown (••): Your character can take an opponent to the ground rapidly. When establishing a Grapple, you may choose to perform the Drop Prone maneuver immediately.
Joint Lock (•••): Once in a grapple, your character can administer joint locks and other immobilizing tactics. You may choose to do the Joint Lock maneuver in a grapple, causing the Tilted Condition.

Tilted Your character has been hurt, sickened, or disoriented. Whenever your character attempts to take an action, they suffer a -3 penalty. Resolution: Rest for an hour, choose to go unconscious for the rest of the scene, or receive Medical attention.